Midwife Appointment (25 weeks) & New Webpage Design

I’m writing this after spending the last few hours designing and uploading a new look for my webpage and my brain is a little fried. I actually started designing the new page before this blog and was intending on making the blog look as similar to my website as possible. But after looking through the available templates on here it became clear that would be easier to do it the other way around so yeahhhh…. here’s the new website: http://www.bellaclarke.co.uk
I wanted to do a really quick update on how my midwife appointment went yesterday. For those of you who don’t know(I had no clue): you see the Midwife A LOT in your first pregnancy. This was the first time I went without George which felt a bit odd because we both love being able to hear baby’s heartbeat, but as each meeting is so similar it seems silly to drag him out of work every time.
My midwife’s name is Sarah, she’s really lovely and always fashionably late which means I get to catch up on reading trashy mags in the waiting room. Each meeting starts with her testing my wee sample (this was actually the first time I remembered to bring one.. peeing in a pot is never really that high on my list of things to remember) and checking my blood pressure, both were fine. We then chat about a million different things (one of the main reasons she’s always running late) and I lay down ready to hear babys heartbeat, only this time she also brings over a measuring tape as well, and after prodding my stomach a little she tells me baby is 26cm long.
I cannot express quite how much this shocked me, not the fact that baby is 26cm, but the fact she could measure my baby from outside my stomach. Any time that I try and get an idea of where it’s laying my tummy just feels like one rather large football so I give up. MIND BLOWN! Anyway, 26cm is normal so baby is cooking well, and the heartbeat was good too, so that was that. 
I know it probably seems a little sad, but I really look forward to my midwife appointments. Everything seems so much more real when someone else is telling you about your baby. I still find myself waking up in the morning sometimes wondering why my tummy’s dancing all over the place and then having an: “oh yeaaaah, there’s a baby in there” moment. It’s not that I forget, as such, it’s more the fact that it takes me a little while to “step out of” my dreams. You know how sometimes if you’re staying in another place you wake up wondering where you are? I have that every morning. Basically my sleep resembles a coma.
Anyway, rambling, sorry… The midwife appointment went well, and to celebrate me and George had fish & chips. You can’t beat a good fish and chips.

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