Winterlicious TAG

Although this tag is traditionally a YouTube tag I figured I could use it on this blog. I spend a good amount of time browsing YouTube so I thought it would be rude not to… (links to all the products mentioned are at the end)

Favourite winter nail polish? This is such a difficult question, becauseeeeee I trapped my thumb in my Aunt Vals car door a few months back and I only have a half nail there now, after the other one fell off, and because of that I’ve been avoiding nail polish all together. But I know what I would be wearing and it would be RockStar nails (full on glitter) or I would be wearing a deep plum colour like Jessica: Cinderella Red.

Favourite winter lip product? Honestly, just  a good lip balm. I love The Body Shop’s: Hemp Lip Protector. Yum.

Favourite winter scent? As far as perfume goes, I’m in love with Marc Jacobs: Dot. but I don’t own that YET, so I’m going to go a completely different route and say the smell of Gingerbread, real, not candle scent. Though I love a good scented candle.

Favourite winter beverage? Julmust. It’s a Swedish non-alcohoic root-beer drink. Not many British people like the flavour, but it’s a firm favourite in our household.

All time favourite Holiday movie? Maybe Love Actually, but truth be told, I’m not a massive fan of films made just watching at one time of the year.

Favourite Christmas song? So this is Christmas.

Favourite Holiday food/treat? Favourite food in General would be Gravad Lax (salt, pepper, sugar and dill cured Salmon) on Christmas Bread, and Favourite treat would be homemade Gingerbread.

Favourite Christmas decoration this year? A Georg Jensen Christmas Ornament that my mum received from her parents. It’s stunning.

What’s at the top of your Christmas list? I actually know everything I’m getting this year, I prefer giving gifts to receiving, and I know I’m super difficult to buy for, so I tend to end up giving everyone a list. My most wanted item is Marc Jacobs: Dot perfume though, and I think I might be buying that one myself… funny how things work out.

What are your plans for the Holiday? Christmas drinks (non-alcoholic for me) on the 23rd, Swedish Christmas on Christmas Eve, I’m roasting Duck for my family Christmas Lunch, and George and I are joining his family for Christmas Dinner in the evening. SO MUCH FOOD!

Most worn winter accessory? My Celtic Sheepskin: Toscana Headband.

Most worn winter piece? Now here’s the sad truth: I’ve probably worn my Christmas Onsie more than any other item I own. 


Jessica nail Polish:

Hemp Lip Protector:

Marc Jacobs Dot:

Julmust (must be Apotekarnes – don’t settle for Ikea’s own)

Georg Jensen Mobile:

Toscana Headband:


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