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Dear Zoo Baby Clothes

I love getting surprise items through the post; there’s something so simple about a envelope or box with your name and address on and not having a clue what might be inside. Yesterday was one of those rare days when this happened.

I was having a bit of a moody day (hormones) so I almost walked straight past this little gem, but even in “baby rage” I recognised Val’s handwriting, so of corse I had to see who she’d written to. Initially when I saw my name I was worried that I had left a pair of dirty knickers at their home the last time I visited, and she was posting them back with a card retelling how a friend had found them under the pillow. (Is it just me that plays out these sort of scenarios in my head?) Thankfully that wasn’t the case, what was actually in the envelope was two TEENIE TINY baby vests!


They are 100% cotton & have 3 poppers in the crotch area to make it easier for changing nappies. They’re gender-neutral which is absolutely perfect as we chose not to find out the gender until birth, but my favourite part is that they are “dear zoo” print. I used to have Dear Zoo read to me when I was a baby & although I can’t remember the gist of the story I can absolutely recognise the print for what it is.

The vests were a set of two from Sainsbury’s Tu collection, I haven’t personally seen any in our local supermarket & I can’t find them online, but I do know that they were initially released to mark the 30th anniversary of Rod Campbell’s book. I cannot wait to see little-one wearing these & I cannot express how thankful I am to Val & Grey for sending us them. I also received a similar package from them a few weeks back with the matching baby grow & hat which is equally as precious & is finished to the same high standard as the vests.

I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for the amount of love and support we have received from family and friends & I feel very privileged to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I will continue to post blogs surrounding items that we buy & receive, and will always give my honest opinion on the quality of the items. I’m sorry I couldn’t find an online link to these – I think they would be absolutely perfect for any new born & would make ideal gifts to give at a baby shower. Hopefully if you like them you will have luck in finding them when out shopping.